By Dedakj

7 Litre Home Oxygen Concentrator with Nebuliser

  • 1-7L/min Flow Oxygen Concentrator
  • Includes Nasal Cannula with Tubing
  • Built-In Nebulizer Function
  • Very quiet device
  • Small and Compact With Portable Handle
  • Plug & Play Device
  • 1 Year Warranty

This device outputs 93% oxygen purity @ 1 LPM. The oxygen purity decreases when you increase the flow rate. For very chronic conditions it is advised to purchase a Medical Grade Device.

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Regular price R 5,499.00
Regular price R 6,999.00 Sale price R 5,499.00

Oxygen Output: Over 30-90% oxygen purity, 1-7L/M adjustable flow rate. Delivers a steady stream of up to 90% pure oxygen.

Multi-layer filter. The oxygen system of this product has a coarse dust filter, fine dust filter, and three bacterial filtration treatments for the input air respectively. Finally, the oxygen is fresh and clean after filtering, and the two front-layer filters can be replaced without disassembling.

Widely used: Respiratory system diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; plateau hypoxia; middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women, students who have been engaged in mental work for a long time; people who have long been engaged in underground or confined space operations, exhaustion from exercise and lack of oxygen.

  • Brand: DEDAKJ
  • Model Number:  DE-1LW
  • Plug Type: 220V
  • Oxygen Concentration(%): 30%-90% Adjustable
  • Applied Voltage: 220V ±22V 50HZ
  • Display Control: LED display touch screen & infrared remote control
  • Control Distance: 20 Meter
  • Noise(dBA): less than 45db
  • Technology: Oxygen concentrator with PSA technology
  • Product Dimension(mm): 340 x 180 x 310mm/13.39 x 7.09 x 12.20“
  • Breathing way: Convenient both in earphone breathing apparatus or nasal cannula - Oxygen Flow(L/min): 1L-7L/Min Adjustable
  • Rated Power(W): 130W
  • Oxygen Pressure: 0.02~0.05MPa

1 x 7L Oxygen Concentrator
1 x Remote Control
1 x Oxygen Tube with water trap
1 x Headset Oxygen Inhaler
1 x Nasal Cannula
1 x Nebulizer Mask Kit
1 x Spare Dust Filter
1 x User Manual

1-Year Warranty

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